Swing tags are an important extension of your own brand that can often be as recognisable as your actual product itself.

Why use Swing Tags?

With promotional material becoming more diverse, its important to strategise about where and how you can prominently display your brand name. It’s not simply advertising where your target market will see it, but realising that your market brand needs to be spread over a number of mediums to give it maximum impact. Swing tags are an interchangeable promotional product that can be utilised in multiple ways to suit your marketing needs. 


Whether it’s a bottle of wine, or an item of clothing, swing tags can add an element of distinction. With so many products saturating the market, yours must stand out to pique interest.  


Swing tags are a great choice for adding prestige and luxury to your brand. Prominent in the fashion and craft industry, hang tags are a necessary element for successful branding. With a simple touch, hang tags allow customers to connect with your company’s story and to the goods that you are looking into to sell. They are a wonderful way to display your vision.


Our swing tickets products are available in a full range of styles and customisation options. Also, we print them using high-quality ink to guarantee professional results. As a leading supplier of swing tags, we can help you produce great results for your business.

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Swing Tags for Retail Products

Our kraft hang tags are made from eco-products (environmentally friendly) with brown colored paper. The kraft paper stock gives a vintage effect making these crafts hang tags perfect for clothing and accessories. They also offer high tear resistance for added strength and durability.

Other Applications for Swing Tags

Swing tags also have other uses beyond the retail arena. They also play a key role as performance tags, service tags, inspection tags, and quarantine tags. We offer the option to print on one or both sides so that you can make the best use of the available space on the wing tag.

Design Help

With our customisation options, you can create the swing tags that best meet the needs of your business. If you need help with designing custom artwork for your swing tag order, we can provide a simple design and typesetting. We believe this service can help you get the best results from your business.

Clothing & Retail

These books are like NCR pads due to similar assembling manner. These however differ in the matter that these are fastened in book form.  Many NCR sets when stapled together make a book that come with board backing and plain cover. It all depends upon requirements of customers and hence can be perforated for removal from book whenever needed. This perforation helps in easy removal from the book while its final part stays fastened to book. These NCR books make a great deal for keeping file copies together so that you don’t need to search anything.


It’s important that your catalogue quickly communicates an impactful message, while delivering relevant information to potential clients. And because they are more inclusive than smaller mailings, catalogues are the best way to communicate awareness and brand importance.

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Some of the many options available: 

• Any size or shape 

• One to full colour - one or both sides

• Stringing - choice of colours and string styles available

• Drilled, for use with a tagging gun - recommended hole sizes: 3 / 4 / 5.5mm dia.

• Washered or eyeletted for hole re-inforcement (minimum order 500 tickets) 

• Multiple pieces held together by eyelet (minimum order 1000 tickets)

• Card weight - we print on a standard 350gsm card - other weights are available

Premium 1mm Thick

Have you wanted to brand your products with a thick, professionally printed

swing ticket but were unable to afford the high cost of these tickets at small 

volumes? We can now produce 1mm thick swing tickets in low volumes at 

extremely competitive prices. Ideal for the small retailer & start-up business. 

Industrial / Luggage Labels

Supplied in a range of materials, thicknesses, sizes and colours with drill holes only, or strengthened drill holes using washers and/or metal eyelets. Your tags can be supplied strung or wired.

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Custom Designed and Printed: Supplied in a range of materials, thicknesses, sizes and colours with drill holes only, or strengthened drill holes using washers and/or metal eyelets. Your tickets and tags can be supplied strung or wired.

These tags may need to carry Inspection, Health and Safety, Instructions or important product information. This may take the form of text only or text plus graphics. We can provide you with a PDF mock up for approval, along with material samples to ensure that the finished tag meets your needs.

Card tags and tags are available in various colours and thicknesses but if you require a more durable material there is waterproof PVC or virtually indestructible Tyvec, both materials can be printed, punched, eyeletted and strung or wired.

The tags can be supplied in various sizes and printed with your brand, corporate colours and headings to differentiate size, colour, style etc., in fact any heading you require. You may need only a single sided print or your requirements may be more complex. Colour coding can be introduced on Inspection Tags to differentiate between Passed, Failed and Pending.

Can be supplied in the following for added strength:

• Tyvec - virtually indestructible

• Wired - for extra fastening strength

Health & Safety

Health and Safety swing tags are a vital part of today's workplace. Often a legal requirement they carry important messages and need to be highly visible.


These tickets and tags can be printed on a standard card or a weather/tear proof material such as Tyvec and PVC. The method of attachment is usually strung with a hard wearing cord or wire to give a more secure fixing. The drill hole can be re-inforced with a washer and or eyelet to minimise the risk of tearing.

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Health and Safety Swing Tickets options available:

• Warning messages 

• To Be Inspected / Passed messages

• Brightly coloured card 

• Card / Tyvec / PVC - choice of material 

• Washered drill hole to minimise tearing

• Wire ties for strong attachment

• All the standard, health and safety graphics and symbols

String & Attachments

Stringing and attachments: we can supply your swing tickets with string, satin ribbon, elastic, wire, metal eyelets, pins and piercers. The string, ribbon or elastic can be threaded through the ticket's drill hole and knotted at the end or left with 2 loose ends for you to tie. 


Multiple tickets can also be threaded onto the same string, ribbon or elastic. Please note we can quote for any quantity no matter how large or small. 

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String: we stock as standard approx. 1mm thick white and Black string and 2mm thick Brown jute string (the jute is a natural material and may vary slightly in thickness). Other colours and styles of string can be bought in specially for your order at an additional cost. For example:

Various other coloured standard string:

Please email to check availablility of any other standard string colours.

Metallic string: Silver & Gold.

Waxed cord: Black and White.

Coloured jute strings.

The length of the string, ribbon or elastic can be determined by yourself or we can suggest a standard length based on your ticket size.


Satin Ribbon: available as standard in White and black in a 3mm width.

A limited range of other colours are available and can be bought in specially for your order at an additional cost. Please email to check availablility of any other colours.


Elastic: available as standard in white and black.

Gold and silver elastics are available and can be bought in specially for your order at an additional cost.


Metal Eyelets: available in brass and nickel (silver).

At present we don't supply eyelets in any other colour than stated above. 


Pins: available in brass, nickel and black.

At present we don't supply pins in any other colour than stated above.


String & Piercers: the piercers are only available in nickel.

String & Piercers are generally used for attaching tickets or tags to fabrics. The piercers are supplied pre-threaded onto white cotton string which is knotted at the ends. They come in a standard loop length of 10cm/100mm. We sell these on their own or attached to your order of swing tickets. The minimum order for these is 1000.



This is usually coupled with a metal eyelet for extra reinforcement of the drill hole and is mainly used for industrial style tickets where a more secure fixing is required.