Animal Food Labels Individually Designed And Printed.

The British love their pets and the pet food industry is booming, the competition in the market is growing. At the same time, the design of the packaging is becoming more important, also for pet food. Attractively designed packaging and labels set your product apart from the competition and convince the customer at first glance. 


Our roll labels are permanently adhesive as standard and therefore stick to almost any substrate and container. Would you like the label to be easy to remove again without leaving any residue? No problem: MPP, you can obtain removable labels as well as

alkali-soluble labels.

Also, whether you want to apply the label to the product by machine or manually has an influence on the choice of the right label. If you stick the label onto the product by hand, our practical labels on A4 sheets may be particularly suitable.

Of course, all our finishing options are also available for pet food labels. Whether hot foil stamping in copper, blind embossing or a protective lacquer in matt or glossy – there are no limits to creativity at MPP.

Pet Care Industry

The Pet care industry is equally as important as the food and beverage industry, so our team can advise on the best materials for self adhesive labelling, temperature variants from application to storage but also best types of embellishments for their brands labels to give it that high end finish making it stand out on the shelf.

Labels for Pet Food and Pet Care

When producing labels for the pet food and pet care industries our versatility has often proved to be a decisive factor. Throughout our printing years we have worked with many, many brands producing labels for many different products from frozen pet food through to animal toys. This experience allows us to successfully advise on the best materials for self-adhesive labelling through to temperature variants in application and storage.

We have to be versatile in the range of labels and finishes that we have produced over the year, but we are also versatile in the print runs we are capable of delivering. The majority of our customers are large brands supplying nationally and internationally, however we also work with a number of smaller companies producing smaller quantities of products.

Mandatory information on labels for pet food

The law requires that the label contains certain key pieces of information including:

  • Name and Product Description
  • Composition (ingredients list)
  • Analytical Constituents (information about nutrient levels)
  • Additives
  • Best Before Date and Batch Code
  • Producer or Distributor Name (and how to contact them for further information)
  • Feeding Instructions (how to use the product)
  • Weight and/or Quantity

For the latest guidelines on what should be included on your label click here. for the European Pet Food Industry, here for the Pet Food Manufacturers Association or here for the Food Standards Agency.

In the labelling of animal feed, the information on the label is often variable, such as different best-before dates or the ingredients. MPP offers the possibility of designing labels according to your wishes and pre-printing them on special material. If you wish, you can then print these with your own in-house thermal transfer printer and apply the variable information on the respective product individually to the pet food label afterwards.

Experience, Scale and Quality


Our experienced team want to make your journey with us as easy as possible. We will support and guide you all the way from concept to delivery, advising on the best materials and ways to print your labels. We are able to work efficiently with designers through to production staff to ensure every aspect of the process delivers to your expectations.

Our quality is second to none. Be assured that, as a customer, we understand the importance of delivering a consistent high standard every time. We know fast turnaround and deadlines are really important in the consumer packaging industry and we always strive to live up to our name.