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From small and medium start up companies, to huge booming enterprises, we offer a flexible bespoke service for any budget.

We dont charge you to set up our printers because we invest in the best equipment to bring you super fast lead times.

Creating a greener future with the use of eco friendly inks and recyclable & re-pulpable packaging

We only use the best printing technology and top of the range equipment to deliver the highest quality at some of the cheapest prices. 

Find out which flexible pouch packaging suits you.

Moorgate Print Products produce three styles of flexible pouches. The 3 sided pouch is a space-efficient choice for those wanting less material and easy storage. While it can be used for many different products, this type of plastic pouch packaging works particularly well for single serve applications. In comparison, the stand up pouch has an added gusset at the bottom allowing the pouch bag to stand on its own while holding a larger volume which the K-Seal Pouch can hold bulkier items. This also helps give it an eye-catching presence on retail shelves. To either kind of pouch, zippers can be inserted, making them resealable, and punch holes can be added for hanging in retail stores.

A doy style pouch has a raised domed bottom gusset. It suits lighter products where the pouch wouldn’t otherwise stand up.

A K-seal pouch has a gusset but is not domed. It has angled corners and a bottom seal and is most suited to heavier products.

A three-sided seal is flat without a gusset and sealed along three edges ready to be filled. Available in an array of materials with barrier films for food products (if required), these are often the most economic choice for pouches


Health & Beauty

Coffee & Tea

Granola & Cereals

Sports & Fitness

Organics & Supplements

Household Products

Pet Food

Sweets & Snacks

Stand out on the shelf with custom pouch packaging that reflects your brand.

Packaging is important. You only have one chance to leave a strong impression on your customers in an ever-competitive marketplace. That’s why you need to invest in quality packaging solutions that ensure your product is:


INSTANTLY RECOGNISABLE – Especially when your product is surrounded by other competitors on the shelf.
FRESH AND FLAVOURSOME - Air and moisture alters the quality of your food product over time. By using reputable packaging, you not only extend the shelf life of your products, but also produce less waste, and allow your customers to store their food for longer – resulting in higher satisfaction levels.
EASY TO FILL, SEAL, AND OPEN – The easier it is to pack and seal your product, the more time you’ll save on production that can be put back into your business in other ways. Making it easy for your food pouches to be accessed by your customers is equally as important, as difficult packaging can stop a consumer from re-purchasing.
CONSISTENT WITH BRANDING – Differences in packaging design and manufacturing across products lines can be highly damaging to your brand.
OPTIMALLY SIZED – Many brand-owners make the mistake of using the wrong size or packaging format. This ultimately leads to both financial and material waste, as it take up more space to deliver and place on the shelf, while making your product look unappealing. Size does matter!