Custom Plant Label & Tags

MPP offers a wide variety of horticulture tags and labels for customers including commercial farms, greenhouses, nurseries and retail markets.

Horticulture Labels That Perform

Horticulture labels need to withstand a variety of weather and environmental conditions including exposure to wet and humid conditions, UV rays, and potential contact with corrosive chemicals. Labels used in the horticulture industry can also face challenging conditions during label application, such as the need to apply labels in a wet environment.


With MPP, you can be assured that your customer’s labels will perform. Our experts can help you choose the best materials and print methods for your customer’s horticulture labels based on their unique needs.

Horticulture Label Products

Whether your a small family-run nursery, multi-location corporate grower or highly-regulated cannabis producer, MPP can help you provide the label products they need. Our horticulture products include

Pot Stakes

Custom pot stakes are the ideal solution for easy plant identification. Designed for long-term greenhouse/field use, our horticulture tags are durable and cold tolerant to 10°F. Our custom plant stakes are available in 12, 20 and 22 mm thicknesses. We offer 7 different colors in a wide variety of sizes. Made of a premium, rigid material, our pot stakes are easy to print. They can also be preprinted to include full color graphics for product marketing or customer education.

RFID Plant Labelst

Horticulture businesses face numerous logistics and inventory challenges. Utilising RFID tags and labels, growers can quickly and easily know exactly how many plants they have without the need to scan each individual label. Businesses can also track the care and transportation of their plants throughout the lifecycle. We offer custom RAIN RFID labels, pot stakes and tags to help  track and manage all of your plants.

Wrap Around Plant Tags

Mobile Labels & Print Media

Wrap around tags are designed to easily attach directly to a stem or branch without the need for strings or ties. These tags are the perfect solution to identify plants, shrubs and trees. We offer a variety of blank wrap around tags for thermal printing. We also can provide a variety of preprinted tags to include colour graphics or sequential printing of barcodes and/or numbers. 

Mobile thermal printers enable horticulture businesses to create labels and receipts where and when they are needed. Produce and plants can be labeled onsite with information including sell-by-date, origin and use. Mobile printed auto id labels can provide full product traceability from the farm to consumer. 

Product Labels

Thermal Solutions

Horticultural product labels can provide important information such as the plant name/species, photo, origin and care instructions. High-quality product labels can also serve as valuable marketing tools, helping your customer’s horticultural products stand out. We can provide vibrant product labels in almost any shape or size. We can print up to 10 colors utilizing our fleet of flexographic, digital and HP Indigo presses.

Growers and distributors can utilize on-site thermal printing to help horticultural products move quickly and efficiently through the supply chain. We provide a complete thermal solutions for both direct thermal and thermal transfer. Our products include stock or custom labels and print media, as well as a variety of ribbon formulations to work with most makes and models of thermal printers.