Looking for packaging consistency? Hello, Flat Pouch.

Design uniformity at its finest.

Flat Pouches are the perfect solution for efficient and economical packaging. The simplicity of flat pouches ensures that minimal effort is required to package and seal pouches, which save more time and money. Flat pouches have no gussets or folds and can be side welded or bottom sealed.
Flat pouches are a great packaging choice for single serve or small portion products, sample packs, food vacuum bags, and products with flat or flexible shapes, like beef jerky, spices, and mixes. Although often overlooked as a packaging option, flat pouches are both cost-effective and consumer-friendly.
Our offered flat pouches have gained wide appreciation in the market because of their availability in different finish designs, styles and attractive colour combinations that assist in capturing the attention of targeted customers. 

Product Uniformity

A bag that fits your product. flat pouches are a fantastic choice when you do not need the product to sit on a shelf. Frozen foods, candies, jerky are just a few examples where this would be a viable configuration. With lower price points than Stand Up Pouches pouches are widely used because of their ability to be easily and quickly filled with product. In the 3 side seal configuration, you load your product in the same way that customers remove it, through the top. Additionally bags with zipper could be used without heat-sealing (but not recommended).

The flat pouch. Simple, straightforward. If you think about it, a flat pouch could be the perfect packaging for your product. Not to mention, flat pouches are a fantastic choice when your product doesn’t need to sit on a shelf. Frozen foods, candies, jerky, pharmaceuticals, you name it. Easy and quick, load the 3 side seal pouch through the top, seal and done! Your product will stay fresh and moisture and oxygen free until your customer opens the packaging.

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3 Side Seal Pouches, also known as flat pouches of sachets. Sealed on both sides and either the top (if bottom open packing) or the bottom (if top open packing) – provides the simplicity of their name. 3 side seal pouches are ideal for hang-sell items or products that are in are in a shelf-ready tray or products that are relatively flat or small volume. 

They are commonly uses in many packaging applications for powders, teas, health foods, single serve cookies, jerky, face masks, pet treats, hair accessories and a vast array of other products and items. They are also a great solution for test / sampler quantities of products for markets, trade shows, expos, or dispatch samples for consumers to test a small amount of product to before committing to a full commercial product size.

3 side seal pouches are heat – sealable and ideal for hand packaging with a bar or foot heat sealer or fully automated filling production lines with inbuilt sealing heat stations. 3 side seal pouches are light weight and durable making them a perfect packaging solution for many product types.

A significant range of substrate lamination combinations are available to provide optimum barrier from oxygen and water vapour transmission thus providing ideal product preservation and achieving shelf life goals.


Recyclable Pouch

Our 100% multi-layer recyclable flexible packaging can deliver to all the critical requirements. Your brand can be packaged in 100% recyclable packaging that offers the protection and convenience consumers have come to expect with the eye-catching graphics that will help you stand out on the shelf. 

The impact of what we do and how we behave is far-reaching. Production on a scale such as ours brings enormous environmental responsibilities, and we take these seriously, both globally and locally. That is why we identify, control and measure all our activities, doing everything we can to reduce their environmental impact. We keep energy consumption and emissions to a minimum, maximise our recycling rates, optimise the use of secondary packaging materials and manage waste appropriately, by avoiding use of landfills and limiting water usage.