This packaging takes its name from the triangular sealed shape of the base where, with a bit of imagination, you can see a letter ‘K’. This base construction enables the packaged product to help support the stand-up pouch. This makes the K-seal stand-up pouch a stable, upright packaging with good presentation properties. That’s why the K-seal is often used to pack bulk material and for larger volumes of liquid products, such as screenwash.


The K-seal stand-up pouch is characterised by the special shape of its weld seams at the bottom. These form the shape of the letter "K", which is why it is also called a K-seal or K-bottom. Thanks to this base, it is very stable and can stand upright. It is manufactured either as a plastic pouch, which is usually made of polypropylene, polyethylene, or a combination of PET-PE (polyethylene terephthalate-polyethylene) and PET-PP (polyethylene terephthalate-polypropylene), or as a paper pouch. The weld seams only take up little space, which results in a large filling volume.

It is available in various designs, formats and materials. Different versions must be selected depending on the area of application. The K-Seal can be used for food products or non-food products.

Thanks to its material, the K-Seal stand-up pouch has high barrier properties against oxygen, carbon dioxide, aromas, flavours and water vapour.

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K-seal stand-up pouch is also called corner and bottom stand-up pouch and used when the ingredient of the stand-up pouch is between 0,55 kg and 2,0 kg.

K-seal stand-up pouch has seals at the bottom corners as corner seal stand-up pouch plus seals at the bottom folds that resemble the letter “K”.

The bottom of K-seal pouches can be produced with smaller gussets so the same volume of the product seems to require a slightly taller or wider bag than the doyen style stand-up pouches.

Recyclable K-Seal Pouch


Our 100% multi-layer recyclable flexible packaging can deliver to all the critical requirements. Your brand can be packaged in 100% recyclable packaging that offers the protection and convenience consumers have come to expect with the eye-catching graphics that will help you stand out on the shelf. 

The impact of what we do and how we behave is far-reaching. Production on a scale such as ours brings enormous environmental responsibilities, and we take these seriously, both globally and locally. That is why we identify, control and measure all our activities, doing everything we can to reduce their environmental impact. We keep energy consumption and emissions to a minimum, maximise our recycling rates, optimise the use of secondary packaging materials and manage waste appropriately, by avoiding use of landfills and limiting water usage.